3 MEGA characters were given by MINI as a design competition to 5 different universities in Beirut. (For more info please visit:http://www.facebook.com/LebanonMINI ).

My Rational:
The main idea behind my MINI MEGA is eco-friendliness. Being something mechanical, it still shares a humanistic part that concerns itself with the environment. This concept was reflected through the illustrations and the replacement of the right hand. Since MINI has a big relation with the artistic field, my decision was to use my MEGA as a canvas holding an artistic abstract composition. Not forgetting the brand essence of MINI in its colors, the usage of a solid color was a must. The degradation of the blue color was to relate to the universality and diversity of the brand. One of the hardest things to achieve was the simplicity and boldness of MINI. The solution was not to add any external element but work on the expression and the inside of MEGA. The end result was a consistent entity. The different parts were interlinked to give one unified 3D character that represents MINI.
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